An important breakthrough of plastic material is represented by acrylic, which was discovered by a German scientist in 1924, was first produced in 1928 by the firm Röhm GmbH. Since the start of its use as replacement for glass in military vehicles during the 2nd world war, it application continues to expand along with the progress of time. The manufacture of acrylic brochure boxes, indoor signs, display shelves, podiums and aquariums is a strong trend in advertising today.

To complement acrylic, now we have the new trend: PVC foam sheet KOMATEX (Made in Germany); a creative, quick and right solution for outdoor use, it is very light, and naturally, very easy to work on! The satisfaction of the speed in completing a project with tight deadline in the current digital & globalised area is now so simple with KOMATEX.
We have other advertising plastic materials – PS, PE, PVC, PP – in various forms for unlimited choice of advertising application.

The advertising world opens the greatest opportunity of creativity for plastic materials that are not easily consumed by time.


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