Komalite is PP board (Polypropilene corrugated sheet) for the application of sign and display box packaging with most satisfactory results which can not be observed in similar materials. Komalite is Rigid plastic sheet of material Polypropilene with hollow structure (corrugated) shape of the bubble (isotropic bubled core structure). With this structure Komalite can be done to bend or resist pull in any direction without the risk of a tear.
  In addition to easily cut with a cutter or puncher machines, Komalite also able to be connected with sewing techniques. One side has been through the process of corona surface treatment for the best printing results on digital printing and screen printing applications. Komalite also withstands oils and chemicals. It also does not release toxic fumes despite being in high heat condition. Therefore it can be used to pack food products.
Product packaging and packaging boxes, Product and shop displays, Signage and hanging advertisements from ceilings, Indoor & outdoor posters and billboards, Lightweight canopies with printing decoration. Contact Komalite authorised dealer

Information : PT. Sugison is sole agent ORIGINAL high quality KOMALITE Made in Germany


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