Adhesive KORAFIT

Adhesive PVC korafit
KORAFIT is U-PVC Adhesive/Glue produced by KOMMERLING Chemie GmbH in Germany, contains active THF (Tetrahydrofuran) materials not present in locally produced PVC adhesives in Indonesia. The PVC Adhesive Korafit is specially designed for foodgrade/foodsafe chemical PVC pipes used in the major chemical and food industries. PVC Adhesive Korafit also possesses a high viscosity to seal anti-leaking PVC connections.

But more over, due to its extreme resistance point (up to 90°C) and its anti-UV sunlight properties, PVC Korafit has also been commonly used for outdoor applications such as canopy connections (KOMACEL), or other PVC roofs as practical, safe, and anti-leaking guaranteed. For further explanation, please view the brochure


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