Polyfoam is Foam-processed polystyrene (PS) plastic sheet. Very light, with smooth and flat surface on both sides with pearly white colouring. Polyfoam suitable for media for sticking posters and stickers, display of light products, as well as packaging.

Polyfoam us different from other low-quality polyfoam. Polyfoam Sugison high quality with smooth surfaces and dense, hard and steady is not easy to dent. Packing and delivery we protect-angle corner and edges well, so that consumers receive Polyfoam in good condition nothing broken

Polyfoam Applications

Short-term indoor signs, backing poster, 3D embossed, building models, partitions and cushions in packaging boxes.



Description: Our Polyfoam products are the best products in Indonesia. Solid sheets and steady quality is not easily broken, so far above similar products made ​​in china.

Information : PT. Sugison is sole agent ORIGINAL high quality KOMATEX Made in Germany


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