With the main characteristics of plastic being lightweight but strong, long-lasting and easy to work on, using plastic material is much more economic than using conventional materials. In a short time, plastic materials in the future will become the biggest elements of any building.

In Indonesia, the first plastic material used is PVC plumbing/piping which does not rust, is lightweight, and easy to work on compared to iron pipes.
Afterwards, PS Mica frequently called "plastic glass" is better known. It is not easily breakable, lightweight, available in various colours and textures, and easier to be formed according to design than ordinary silica glass.

PVC plastic is currently processed in a more modern manner that it can now function as replacement of wood whose supply in nature continues to decrease. Therefore, apart from being waterproof and termite-proof compared to wood, the usage of PVC plastic material in buildings in the most recent times emphasises not only the economic, safety and aesthetic values, but also provides solution to realize an environmentally-friendly view.

The pioneer of environmentally-friendly plastic products is the manufacturer KÖMMERLING GmbH Germany. A top product from Kömmerling in the form of sheet "plastic wood" is KOMACEL. This product is directed to the manufacture of furniture such as shelving, cupboards, kitchen sets or other building elements such as ceilings, wall coverings, room partitions, etc.

With the advantages of KOMACEL being termite-proof, anti-bacterial, waterproof, chemical-proof and soundproof, KOMACEL is the solution for the problems found in wood or other standard building materials.


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