Achieving Optimal Efficiency

Early engineering designs used metallic parts which are inexpensive, able to withstand high differential pressures, and are not affected by high temperatures. However, these desirable properties are outweighed by the disadvantages of metallic elements. They are prone to impact fatigue, susceptible to corrosion damage and consuming much energy to process.

In the 1960s, plastic elements emerged and began to replace metallic elements. Plastic materials offer several advantages over metallic elements such as, able to withstand higher impact velocities than metal, resistant to corrosion, lighter than metal, and easy to machining that means consume less energy to process.

There are already couples of Asian engineering thermoplastic on the Indonesian market. However most of them are supplied without technical data and properties makes engineer facing big difficulties to achieve good precision parts with long time durability.

Products that supplied from Germany and Austria are manufactured with high quality standard, European-style, with pure raw materials and best additives coupled with tight quality control. Overall production process ensures the lowest possible tolerance for the end products. For customers, this means products with high precision, both in visible characteristics, such as diameter, length and width, and invisible ones such as material homogeneity which leads to stable mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.

All products come with complete technical properties support material in order to help customers in designing phase, processing phase and resulting in durable end products. High durability from thermoplastics material can lower the period in parts replacement which contributes to increased time and cost efficiency.

In manufacturing, optimal efficiency is an absolute input to maintain quality and deliver competitive products to the market. PT. Sugison Senada together with its principal, are committed to achieve optimal efficiency for Indonesian market through supply in high quality thermoplastic materials as well as personal and professional support.


Engineering Thermoplastics

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U), Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE-UHMW) are thermoplastic materials considered to be ‘commodity’ products. Polyacetal (POM), dan Polyamide (PA 6) on the higher spectrum, are categorized as engineering thermoplastic. These materials are commonly known within various industries. PVDF and PEEK, both are considered high performance material, are results of a more advanced production process.

The key to each product’s specialty is tight quality control procedures applied to every production value chain. Raw material purity, precise additive composition up to extrusion machines are part of daily job of quality control. In order to test products, ISO standard and DIN standard are applied. An acceptable deviation from the standard is known as product tolerance. What differentiate product tolerance from one manufacturer to others comes from production standard of each manufacturer. Loose quality control will result to large product tolerance.

Strict reference to the standard is missing from Asian thermoplastic manufacturers. Tight quality control is not applied, hence resulting in high product tolerance. The negative impact for customer is that despite the right material selection, since the standard is not met then the material will not perform as good as the expectation and the long process in selecting material becomes obsolete. PT Sugison will help customers selecting the best appropriates material for their application.

In the end, tight quality control is not just about meeting the standard, but more as a protection for the customer. PT. Sugison Senada committed to supply only thermoplastics products that manufactured according to international standard with tight quality control which result in low product tolerance.

PT. Sugison senada also provide High Performance Plastic Material (HPPM) such as PVDF and PEEK for high specification enginering requirement.

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