PT. Sugison Senada is a local company with the marketing area in Indonesia engaged in the sale of semi-finished material of high quality plastic; according to the motto PT. Sugison Senada is "Quality is Smart".

PT. Sugison Senada morphed from a small shop called Graha Mika founded in 1990. The store then continue to grow up to be a reliable supplier for thermoplastic materials.
Within 17 years PT. Sugison line formed into a company that is very experienced, that increasingly believed to be the sole agent of Indonesia's leading thermoplastic producers from Europe.

Although pleased and proud to have earned the trust of the world's leading manufacturer of thermoplastic, we remain fully aware that customer service should be paramount. Therefor, our commitment is always to provide the best service and professional with comprehensive technical information with international certificates and sufficient samples for consumers to test the quality of our products.

Is the culmination of our satisfaction, if our customers are able to take advantage of our thermoplastic product to the maximum point. Sales team PT. Sugison Senada ready to help and serve you in the selection of thermoplastic material to suit your needs.

Phone  : 021-62302486, 6259958
Fax   : 021-62302485, 6901468
Address    : Jln. Pinangsia III No. 26A
    Jakarta-Barat 11110, Jakarta Indonesia


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